There are many ways you can become a valuable Sponsor of the Seals Baseball Club. Below are the basic options available. Please contact us for more details:

Provide a Part-time Job

When our players come to town for the summer, some of them may need a job to help make ends meet. If you are interested in providing part-time work for our young players, please let Coach Alcantar know.

Corporate Night

The Seals offer your corporation the opportunity to sponsor one particular game. As with our other sponsorships, Corporate Night assists the Seals with covering their costs while providing tremendous recognition for your company. This special even offers the perfect opportunity to provide your employees and their families with a very special, enjoyable evening. The newly renovated outdoor plaza adjacent to the stadium makes this event even more attractive. The expenditure for your company is only $1,000. While every night is customizable to suit your needs, the Seals offer the following initial benefits:

  • Complete Name Recognition throughout the game.
  • Distribute any coupons, flyers, etc. to all fans
  • Display company banners throughout the stadium
  • Special announcements and recognition of your sponsorship throughout the course of the game
  • 150 Free Tickets for your employees and their families
  • Seating provided in the bleachers behind Home Plate
  • Complete picnic area for your entire staff
  • Designate 2 Bat boy/girls for the game
  • Designate 1 person to throw-out the first pitch
  • Option to have one person or a group sing the National Anthem

Uniform Sponsorship

We are expecting a great deal of media coverage during our 2015 home games. The local media is fully aware of the presence by our various organizations including the Seals Collegiate Baseball Club, The Seals Youth Baseball teams, The Seals at the Bladium, The Seals at Triple Play USA, and the city of Alameda. We anticipate media coverage from all angles-television, radio, social media, and print.
The Seals receive extensive media coverage on road games as well, and we generally make headlines in the sports section of regional papers. Seals games are also broadcast live over the radio, internet, and also receive some television news coverage. We have contacted media that surrounded our opponents in order to increase coverage of our games in general and of the Seals in particular. This year we anticipate much more coverage, especially locally. Uniform sponsorship can be broken down in two types:

Complete Uniform Sponsorship ~ $10,000

  • Three sets of uniforms for players and coaches ( 35×3 = 105 sets)
  • Covers ALL Seals games – home and away
  • A 3×5 patch will be secured on the left shoulder of each uniform.
  • Uniforms will be utilized during entire 2015 season.

Home-Game Uniform Sponsorship ~ $7,500

  • One set of uniforms for players and coaches during all home games
  • A 3×5 patch will be secured on the left shoulder of each uniform.
  • Uniforms will be utilized during the entire 2015 season.

Uniform Jacket Sponsorship ~ $x,xxx

  • One set of jackets for players and coaches worn before, during and after all games and also worn by the players at all times.
  • A 3×5 patch will be secured on the left shoulder of each jacket.
  • Jackets will be utilized during the entire 2015 season.


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