****First Practice will be Friday, Aug. 18th 5pm @ College of Alameda

Plan on practicing Saturday as well @3pm

Tournament/ Game Schedule will be up soon!****

Here are the tournament weekends for the 11U team. Locations may change. You can plan on practices or non-tournament games on weekends without tournaments. Non-tournament game schedule will be up soon! Some of the 11U team will be asked to help the 12U team for various tournaments so be sure to check the 12U schedule as well for tournament dates.


Tournament Weekends:



Oct. 7-8                                                     October Tournament – All World Petaluma, CA

Oct. 14-15                                               Tournament Weekend – TPR Mistlin Ripon, CA 

Oct. 28-29                                                Halloween Homerun – Santa Cruz, CA

Nov. 11-12                                               Tournament – TPR Mistlin 

Dec. 2-3                                                   Tournament – TPR Mistlin

Dec. 9-10                                                  Winter Championships – BLD Manteca, CA