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Since 1985 the Seals have been one of the Bay Area’s elite baseball programs. The Seals Summer Collegiate team offers the public a safe, family-oriented, economic, and enjoyable entertainment experience. The Seals Summer Collegiate Baseball Team offers college-student athletes the opportunity to polish their baseball skills and expose their abilities to professional scouts and college coaches. Each year, the Seals attract some of the best Division 1 & 2 collegiate players who are chosen from throughout the United States . The games and tournaments promote competition and teach discipline and sportsmanship to the players. From our Youth Travel Baseball teams and all the way through our Summer Collegiate Baseball team we give our players the best opportunity to play in a professional environment. In addition to honing their athletic skills, the Seals support the athletes in developing their pride and increasing their scholastic pursuits in order to help them grow and mature. The Seals staff does their best to assist the athletes in obtaining scholarships and receiving exposure to professional scouts from Major League Baseball. The Seals also afford these collegiate athletes the opportunity to travel throughout several states including California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Kansas, and as well as internationally to Canada and Mexico.

Aside from being successful on the field, our key organizational goals consist of working with local city leaders and business owners to create local job opportunities. In addition, the Seals Baseball Club wants to be valued members of the community through our organizational commitment to community outreach and both advanced and beginner camps for the local youth here in Alameda. It is through these efforts that the Seals Baseball Club looks to build a long lasting partnership with the city of Alameda.


The Seals baseball club is dedicated to serving the youth in Northern California and providing positive role models for them. The club’s primary focus is to build character and discipline through the sport of baseball. It is our belief that baseball builds strong leadership qualities needed to succeed in life by instilling honest work ethics, maintaining good physical health, and engaging with community of all ages and walks of life. Service to the community is a cornerstone of who the Seals are as an organization. Community service is not only a requirement of all our athletes involved with the program but also something the Seals instill as a foundational approach to life. We believe every child should have every opportunity to learn and play the game of baseball at the highest levels and thus provide a mechanism to deliver quality instruction, competition and entertainment.