Private Lessons/ Team Practices


Joining our lessons will provide you the opportunity to work in depth with a Seals coach. We can provide lessons on hitting, infield, outfield, pitching, catching, and strategy of the game.

Team Practice

You can bring in your team and we will run a practice for your team. We will go through many different hitting drills and stations to optimize the amount of swings and defensive repetitions each player will be getting in the allotted times.

  • Available for Individuals, Groups or Teams.
  • Please contact us to reserve
  • MINIMUM of 24 hours prior to preferred date to assure best chances for availability.
  • We will send you confirmation as soon as possible.


$60.00 lesson per hour

6 – $300 / 4 – $220

Choose Lesson Plan

$45.00 lesson per 45 min

6 – $230 / 4 – $160

Choose Lesson Plan

2 PLAYERS $45.00 each per 1  HOUR

2 PLAYERS $35.00 each per  45 min

3-4 PLAYERS $40.00 each per 1   HOUR

3-4 PLAYERS $30.00 each per 45 min

Team PRACTICES (Minimum 8 players)
1 Hour $15.00 PER PLAYER @ The Baseball Gym/ College of Alameda
1.5 Hours $20.00 PER PLAYER @ The Baseball Gym/ College of Alameda